April 6th, 2016

10th ANNIVERSARY at Hotel Regina, Paris

On the Occasion of 10th Anniversary of the establishment of

The KitSon


Short Message


H.E. Ambassador Soltanieh

Advisor to Vice President & Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran

{Former Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations and Other International Organizations in Vienna}


In the Name of God, the most Gracious and the most Merciful

Distinguished Colleagues,

I regret not being able to join you at such an august gathering. I seek however your indulgence to share the following few remarks  on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the establishment of The KitSon Think Tank:

1-   A short glance on the history, one could easily notice that conflicts, wars, and blood sheds have mostly started by misunderstandings, miscalculations or underestimations by one side or both, or ill minded brutal mentality of war mongers.

2-   Dialogue if not always decisive in prevention or resolution but has certainly reduced the scope and the dimension of gravity of conflict or wars.

3-   In case of high temperature of both sides of conflict, both trying to justify their attitudes and conducts, third party subject to impartiality, could pave a way and prepare a ground with calm environment for both sides to shoot the words in a closed room rather than shooting bullets in the battle fields or cities taking the lives of innocent people.

4-   Think Tanks could play such a vital role, creating an environment for a civilized interaction by both sides of a conflict, preventing at least escalation of a crisis.


Having strong belief in such an instrument, in official and personal capacity, I had an honor to some extent contribute to the process of   facilitating better understanding of the realities on the ground and paving the way for realistic, constructive negotiation and diplomacy, which lead to the ultimate resolution of the manufactured nuclear crisis of Iran.

The KitSon Think Tank, has also played an indispensible impartial role  in this regard, therefore Madam Elisa Kitson  deserves a warm applause.

Best Regards